Monday, December 1, 2014

GUHSD at SDCUE - November 15, 2015

On Saturday, November 15, over 30 GUHSD teachers and administrators actively participated in the annual San Diego CUE Tech Fair at La Costa Canyon High School.

Eight GUHSD teachers and administrators presented at the educational technology event, including April Baker (Grossmont Middle College), John Berray (West Hills), Jarrod Carman (West Hills), Mike Falconer (Santana), Dan McDowell (District), Matt Norris (West Hills), Josh Reyes (West Hills), and Mike Skocko (Valhalla). Our own Reuben Hoffman (West Hills) serves as the SDCUE Vice President and oversaw the organization of the entire event.

April Baker and her students from Grossmont Middle College.
Additionally April Baker and Mike Skocko brought students and participated in the Student Showcase. Mrs. Baker’s students shared their Literature blog ( and Mr. Skocko’s students demonstrated the student built and supported gamification plug-in that is redefining classrooms across the country (

The strong attendance at the SDCUE Tech Fair reflects the dedication of GUHSD teachers to integrating technology tools into their classrooms.

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