Friday, November 13, 2015

GUHSDtech Update - November 13, 2015

It’s been a busy year in the GUHSDtech world! Almost 6500 students are taking Chromebooks home with them every day. The ETS team has continued to respond and adjust to the needs of this massive rollout. Our students are getting more and more innovative opportunities thanks to the efforts of teachers and staff across the district. Thank you! Here are some updates from the GUHSDtech team.

GUHSDtech Vault
The availability of web tools have certainly changed everything. However, we know it is sometimes tough to keep track of the new tools available or exactly how they can be used with students. To help you figure out the best types of tools, strategies, and lesson ideas, we have created the GUHSDtech Vault. This collection of resources is organized by subject, strategy, and type of resource. Each one has a dedicated page on the GUHSDtech website to help you integrate it into your classroom. Visit the GUHSDtech Vault today!

GUHSDtech Innovation Day
To celebrate and share the achievements of the first semester, we are starting a bi-annual event called GUHSD Innovation Day. On December 10, teachers and students across the district will be encouraged to share their inner love of learning and innovation at school. Whether you are participating in the Hour of Code (see below), working on a big digital project, participating in an authentic learning experience, or just getting some Kahoot on - we want you to share! Use the #guhsdinnovation hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Hour of Code
2015 Hour of Code at
Grossmont Middle College.
The annual Hour of Code event is just a few weeks away during the week of December 7th. We challenge you to join thousands of other teachers around the world to provide your students with an hour (or more) of time to learn more about computer programming. Don’t worry if you aren’t a coder. Check out our post on the GUHSDtech Blog for more information.

Save the Date for TechFest 2016
GUHSD is set to host the third annual East County TechFest on Saturday, February 20 at West Hills High School. Last year, over 200 teachers gathered to learn about new strategies and tools. A call for speakers announcement will be sent out after Thanksgiving.

Digital Learning Coach Update - From April and Reuben
It’s been a whirlwind couple months for us, but we’ve definitely enjoyed the ride!  While we are still in the process of learning the ins and outs of these new positions, we are thrilled to be collaborating with teachers as they integrate technology into their classrooms.  We’ve visited over 50 classrooms in the last two months, and wanted to share some of the great thing that teachers are doing around the district…. Read More

If you need support integrating technology strategies into your classroom, help is available! Visit the DLC Support Request Page.

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